"Our vision is to have peace in Israel by creating happy and successful relationships in our homes, in our society and with our neighbours."

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History of the Oneness Energy in Israel

July 9 –18 2004

First Oneness Energy event in Israel.

In the home of Yacov and Dora Rostovski in Holon.

Carol Asher from Australia lead the workshop. 20 participants underwent the 8-day workshop, where everyday they received the Oneness Energy. This is was an important event, which served to anchor the Oneness Energy in Israel.

As a result of the success of this workshop, this message was passed on to Carol from Oneness University by Acharyaji Sri AnandaGiriji –

“ Bhagavan is so happy to know that you have started your work in Israel…he feels that the dharma in Israel will greatly influence the rest of the world”.

September 16, 2004

Special Homa ( fire ceremony ) conducted by Vikram dasaji at Oneness University for Peace in Israel and for the success of the mission in Israel.

November 4,5,6, 2004

The second Oneness Energy workshop was conducted in Holon, lead by Carol Asher.

Over a period of 3 days. 36 people attended. The first Homa ( fire ceremony) for peace, an specific homa which was designed for peace in Israel by Oneness University, was performed in Holon.

January 2005

Ffirst 4 Israelis attend the 21-day process in India.

The attendees were Yacov Rostovski, Yoram Hanania, Zia and Tzvika Grossman.

Upon coming home, they started giving ongoing Oneness Energy events and workshops in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Tzur Yigal.

March 2005

Another 2 Israelis attend the 21-day process in India.

The attendees were Youval and Ravit Eliav Ginsburg . Youval and Ravit are running Oneness Energy workshops in Beer Sheva.

March 24,25,26, 2005

3-day workshop at Bein HaCramim, Chulda. Conducted by Carol Asher.

46 participants.

1-day workshops were also conducted in Jerusalem, Arad and Katzrin.

Homa For Peace was performed in Jerusalem

July 21, 2005

2-day workshop conducted in Holon, 36 participants.

1-day workshop given in Jerusalem

January 2006

Group of 8 Israelis attend the 21-day process in India.

The attendees were, Kohava Ben Melech, Lilach Maor, Tikva Abraham and Sheli Baranovsky.

Zohar Alinski, Sergey Kahanov, Moti Shefi, Assaf Margalit.

Since their return to Israel they have been giving ongoing Oneness Energy workshops in Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Tel – Aviv, Arad, Haifa, Petach Tikva, Holon.

January 25 th, 2006

Homa for Peace in Israel, performed by Vikram dasaji at Oneness University, the 8 Israelis attending the 21 day process participate.

March 2006

Galia Barkol Sofferman attends the 21 day process in India. Comes back and gives workshops in Ramat Gan.

August 26 th.

Homa for Peace in Israel and to support the Oneness Energy givers in Israel, performed by Rohit dasaji, at Oneness University.

January 2007.

3 Israelis attended the 21 day process in India.

The attendees were Elizabeta Bobovich, Yosi Klein and Prasado Munch.

They are giving ongoing Oneness Energy in Holon, Kiriat Bialik, Shaarei Tikva.

World Oneness Day – May 20 th.

The Israeli Oneness Energy givers from Israel with 8 international Oneness Energy guests from Europe, gather at the Jerusalem home of Eliyahu and Lihi Holi and give Oneness Energy to over 120 people. The event is a great success and a new energy is anchored in Jerusalem.

July 6 th and 7 th.

Pilgrimage to Zfat and Migdal to the sacred graves of enlightenened Rabbis. Oneness Energy givers and the public joined in a 2 day event and received deeksha. July 7 th the group attended a peace event in ….with Arabs and Jews in attendance and gave deeksha to over 80 people.

January 2008.

'10 people attended the last 21 day process in India, January 2008. They are Igal Shefi, Dani Sher, Nisreen Faour, Lena Kalvo, Olivia Pinto, Dalia Klein, Elen Goldman, Hilia Nurit, Diana Isakov, Pnina Baskin.
They are sharing and giving the Oneness Energy in Nazareth, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Holon, Shaarey Tikva, Larnaka - Cypress.'