"Our vision is to have peace in Israel by creating happy and successful relationships in our homes, in our society and with our neighbours."

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Oneness Journey 2008






Oneness Journey in the Holy Land
22nd – 28th , July 2008


"Amazing, amazing, incredible, gratitude...A journey of release." Tara

"I have been in pursuit of personal transformation for decades and never really found an effective tool for transformation until I found the Oneness Energy" Daryl

"It was a very moving experience, a dance of delight, excitement, tears of love, tears of joy, tears of realization, and connection to humanity's ancient suffering" Sabine

"The deep resonance that I experienced on this Holy Land was extraordinary. Thankyou for this opportunity to both give and receive Oneness". Nancy
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"The hotels, the food, a beautiful country and the people are an outstanding experience, amongst the most marvellous I ever have experienced" Kerstin

"At the end of this magical journey, I feel a lot of grace and gratitude, almost hard to express it in words" Kohavah

"Experiencing the intense grace every participant received as each moment went by, filled my heart with gratitude..." Shreshta

"I discovered a huge diversity of cultures. of religeous practices and of esthetics" Claudine

"A unique and unforgettable voyage in a country that touches deeply" Marie

"I received so much and I see this trip as a beautiful gift of life, with so many symbols, signs, emotions." Andree

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At the beginning of the year, I saw the necessity to heighten the awareness of the international Oneness Community to the role that Israel plays in Amma Bhagavan’s mission. The dasajis at Oneness University gave me the opportunity to share and talk about the oneness work in Israel to the 400 participants of the January 08 process, and from their enthusiastic response, I was encouraged and inspired to create something, that would promote and contribute to the creation of Oneness in Israel.

The thought was that if only people came and experienced the land of Israel and her people, then they would connect and understand, they would feel what Israel is all about, and from their hearts would come a desire and a passion to contribute and be part of the peace making - the peace and oneness that we all want so much.

So, the inspiration came forth, to create a journey, and a pilgrimage, and provide an opportunity for all those who felt the call, to come to the Holy Land and be part of this ground breaking event.

The very first Oneness Journey to the Holy Land WAS a great success!!! 14 people felt the call of their hearts and came to Israel to be part of the anchoring and spreading of Amma Bhagavan’s Oneness consciousness in the land and to contribute to the peace effort in Israel. One of the intentions of the journey was to give participants the opportunity to experience the consciousness of Israel, and through walking the land and meeting the people, to experience the history, and the great variety of cultures and faiths of those, who are striving towards living together in peace and harmony, and in oneness.
All participants came away from the tour personally transformed and also satisfied that they had contributed and done ‘their bit’ towards the peace effort in Israel. All said that they want to come again!

The Oneness Israel team worked for months to create this wonderful journey. Thankyou for all your contribution, your work and your efforts!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the write up!
Shreshta, Carol Asher
Oneness University Coordinator for Israel.




A painting of Mary Magdalene by Kerstin
inspired from her trip to Israel.